Zoom, Phone and telehealth couples counselling

Ideal for couples – convenient, flexible, comfortable

Online Couples Counselling

Of recent times many couples have been attending online marriage counselling using Zoom, phone or other telehealth services.

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Benefits of online couples counselling

Enabling couples to get the help they need when they need it. Telehealth is a convenient, comfortable and flexible choice for couples.

All you need is any type of computer that has a camera and microphone, and that there a good connection to the internet.

An appointment is scheduled and near to the day of the appointment you will receive an email that has a link to Zoom. Instructions on how to log into Zoom will be in the appointment email

The short answer is yes. Although there are some differences with online counselling, the similarities and benefits are well documented these days. Some couples do a mixture of in-person and online depending on there changing circumstances.

A surprising but significant benefit that we’ve observed over the past few years is the willingness of men to both attend and continue attending couples counselling. This is to do with the ease of getting to counselling. Whereas in-person is a lot more effort to attend counselling and so men are often less willing to maintain couples counselling.

The couple is in their own environment so they are far more comfortable than attending a strange counselling room.

Another important observation is that we see that both people have a bigger voice online than attending an in-person appointment.

Yes, our fees are set lower for Zoom appointments as we do not have consulting room hire fees.

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